How did I end up in the enviable position of reviewing some of the newest products from Veritas? It's a question I ask myself on quite a frequent basis, because it seems so unlikely. I'm not a professional woodworker; nor an engineer or any kind of mechanically-minded person. It came about because I was extremely miffed at not being able to see them at a local woodworking show, and I said so. On a public forum. To the MD of the UK distributors. So to answer my own question, possibly bare-faced cheek had something to do with it... I don't know whether the idea was to get me to be quiet or what, but I was asked "So, if we lend them to you, will you review them for the forum?" Naturally I said "Yes" and the rest is history.

Occasionally I get accused of bias and lack of integrity because I'm allowed to keep the tools I review or dispose of them as I see fit. Well I say accused; usually it's just "inferred". FWIW, my integrity is worth rather more to me than the price of a plane. I have one reason for writing these reviews, and one only. I know how difficult it is to decide on tool purchases when you have to buy sight unseen, so I try and fill that void with as much detail as possible. It's not a perfect solution, but it's a little more helpful than one small picture and a brief sentence in a tool catalogue I hope. Take the lot with as large a pinch of salt as you desire, but the only sales speak you'll hear will be in your own mind.

In the interests of full disclosure, reviews marked with * indicate items that were either on loan or subsequently given to the forum for competitions/sold for funds. ** indicates items I bought or was given.

Veritas Block Planes* (subsquently bought one)
Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane* (subsequently bought one)
Veritas Spokeshaves*
Veritas Bench Planes*
Veritas Low Angle Smoother*
Veritas Scraper Plane and Cabinet Scraper*
Veritas Bullnose Plane*
Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane
Veritas Large Shoulder Plane*
Veritas Low Angle Spokeshave**
Hardware Kit for Veritas Spokeshaves
Veritas Scrub Plane
Veritas Mark II Honing Guide

Also for this guide, the Camber Roller Unit and Skew Registration Jig.

Veritas Bevel Up Smoother
Veritas Bevel Up Jointer Fence
Veritas Router Plane
Veritas Small Plow Plane
Squirrel-Tail Palm Planes
Veritas Dovetail Saw
Veritas DX60 and NX60 Block Planes

Just to prove I'm not hopelessly fixated on one brand, here are a few other reviews I've done too:

Auriou Rasp**
Axminster 4? double, or Miniature Sliding Square**
Groz ?Workshop? #220 Block Plane Review**
Lie-Nielsen #140 Skew Block Plane**
Wheel Marking Gauges*/**
Quangsheng #3 Smoother**

And finally, a few DVD reviews:

David Charlesworth DVD Part 1: Plane Sharpening*
David Charlesworth DVD Part 2: Hand Planing
David Charlesworth DVD Part 3: Precision Shooting Simplified
Rough to Ready with Rob Cosman DVD**