The Shooting Gallery

Or should that be shuting, shuteing, chuteing or chuting? Anyway, it's a perrenial favourite so I thought I'd stick as much info as possible in one place, just for the novelty value. If you see your board linked to here and don't want it to be, please contact me. More importantly, if you have a fine example of your own out there in the Virtual Workshop that you think deserves to be included, yell!


Shooting Board Basics or It's Not Rocket Science


My own contribution to the cause of trying to make shooting boards slightly less of a mystery - well it's my website, I can put mine first if I want to...

Extensive Shooting Board How To from White Mountain Design


It's very long, but good.

Jeff Gorman's Shuteing Board pages


How to use one. Also how to make a Lightweight Ramped Variety and notes on the Donkey's Ear.

David Charlesworth's


PDF file of his very simple "bench hook" design, as shown in the DVD.

Brain Dump from a different DC


Derek Cohen shares a few thoughts and pictures on the subject.

Assorted "Improvements" to the idea


Gleaned from The Woodworker Magazine c.1920s

Brian Buckner's Mitre Plane


Cunningly disguising an adjustable mitre, or rather "miter" I suppose, board design.

Another Mitre/Miter Board


This one rather outshines the plane though... Currently unable to locate link :(

A Modern Approach to the Donkey's Ear


PDF file based on the Bob Wearing Design. Also an article in The Woodworker here (which suggests maybe Bob Wearing just popularised/refined it?) and a basic 90 degree design using a similar track system here. The image is of Chris Knight's example here.

Common Design of Mitre Jack


Taken from the pages of The Woodworker.

More Uncommon Design of Mitre Jack


Made by Ted Shuck based on one in an auction linked to on the Old Tools List.