An idyiocyncratic list o' links; just the ones I seem to find myself pointing other people to most often.

Hand Tool Forums, or maybe fora?

  Definitely a place to avoid if you don't want a hefty push down the hand tool Slope...

  aka The Porch. Lurk for a while before posting, and don't forget your bio! is an absolute goldmine of information - if you can find what you're looking for.

Sites of valuable information

BugBear's web site  Including the virtually famous BugSaw. See how I made that joke there? "Virtually"? Gettit?

Record Hand Planes, A History A tour de force of a website compiled by David Lynch in Australia.

Record Planes I know what you're thinking; you wait for years and then, like buses, two come along at once...

The Index of Fossil-Fuel-Friendly Woodworking Knowledge  Cian Perez has done a fabulous job of gathering up, and in some cases finding a home for, a wealth of knowledge and opinion on hand tool woodworking. Expect to spend a long time over the links contained therein.

Hand Tool Knowledge Base  A recent entry into the gathering of hand tool links, Rob Weber must have worked his bookmarks to the bone compiling this list. What a tour de force!

  Included amongst the links on the page above, but deserving some special mention. Great website.

  Roger Nixon's site, pioneering a more interactive style of site for neanderthals.

  Avoid the endless gloats if you can... Frequently updated, often entertaining.

  Absolutely the best Woodrat site on the face of the 'net. Packed with brilliant tips and ideas and worth revisiting again and again.