Boat Anchors Ahoy

I don’t know why I love metal ploughs and combination planes, but I do. In 5 short years I’ve had, or have had, in my possession a Stanley #45 and #46, 2 #50s (One made in England, one USA), Record #405, #050a, #044 and #043, a Rapier #3. Oh, and just recently a Lewin Universal and a #55... It’s not a problem, really it isn’t. I can stop any time I like... Some people call the larger ones “boat anchors” and say they’re not fit for use. And yet other, equally knowledgable and experienced woodworkers, use them all the time. In an attempt to get all the on-line information sources in one place, and not let Blood & Gore have the last word on them [grin], I give you my Shrine to the Boat Anchor.

How To Use Them

Yes, home of the World Famous Combination and Plough Plane How To. Well it might be World Famous one day... Tips and Techniques to get the most out of your plane and deprive it of the tag of Boat Anchor.

Where To Get Parts For Them

Pointers of where to seek parts and the ever-illusive cutters here. Please do leave a comment on the blog entry if you've found other sources.

British Anchors

Britain may have ruled the waves at sea, but she also got involved in the anchor business. Some were copies of the US Stanleys while others were, and are, unique. If you ever see a Howkins you'll see what I mean... Two makers' models are most commonly found; Record and Lewin. Occasionally, if you're lucky and eat all your greens, you might see a red Marples version of a Record model. Don't tell me about it; I'll only cry 'cos I haven't got one...


Page concerning the Record#040 and derivatives


Page concerning the Record#043 and derivatives, including the Rapier #3


Page concerning the Record#044 and derivatives.

Updated to include the 044C


Currently only accessible via .


Record #405 Manual

From Aussie Galoot Peter Marquis-Kyle. Three cheers for him, say I.


Another Record #405 Manual

The 1977 edition courtesy of "Josh" here. 8.7 MB


Record #050 Manual

Courtesy of Andy G - another three cheers please, folks. 2.4MB pdf


Record #043 and #044 Manual

At long last, courtesy of another Aussie and Andy (there's a pattern forming...), McArdle of that ilk. More cheers please. c.1966 344KB PDF


Record #044C manual

Ooo err, I've come over all modern and plastic-handled - and in four languages what's more. It's a Slippery Slope... Scans courtesy of "Evergreen" and thank'ee. c.1971 2MB PDF


Marples M44 Manual

Courtesy of yet another Aussie (evidentally good, manual-keeping folk), Mike Willett provides this brief and to-the-point guide to this 044 alternative. Yet more cheers please. 163KB PDF


Record #050C manual

I've come over all modern and plastic-handled again - the horror. Not absolutely sure where the scans came from - yell if it's you - but cleaned up as best I can. Page 5 now present, thanks to Paul H. c.1972 1.6MB PDF


Page concerning the "Lewin" Universal including a PDF of the manual.


Article on the Howkins Plane


Stanleys; the ones you'll see everywhere, endlessly copied, often bettered... ;~)


Stanley #50, Blood & Gore

Stanley #50 (USA) Manual from Stan Faullin

Stanley #50 (GB) Manual and second part


Stanley 13-050 Manual (4.8MB PDF) from Damien @ woodlooking. A modern abomination (the plane, not Damien!), but apparently can work rather well.


Stanley #45, Blood & Gore

Stanley #45 Type Study from Gordon Muster

Another #45 Type Study from Stan Faullin

Stanley #45 Manual from Stan Faullin

from Stanley themselves


Stanley #46, Blood & Gore

Stanley #46 Type Study from Gordon Muster

Another #46 Type Study from Stan Faullin


Stanley #55, Blood & Gore

Stanley #55 Manual from Stan Faullin

from Stanley themselves

Uses of the Stanley #55 (Woodworker article)


Miller's Patent Plows


Museum of Woodworking “Exhibit”

on Stanley Combination Planes

Some actual advice on how to use them here.


Original patents, boxes, and a gallery of examples are also all viewable on Stan Faullin's site

Miscellaneous Makes

Variations on the theme from other makers


Sargent #1080 and #1085 (#45 and #55-a-likes)

Manual, catalogue pages and photo gallery


Siegley Plow Plane

Photo Gallery


Australian 040-a-likes

Davleco D40, Sharmanco and Carter


Stanley #55

Record #043

One of those models, along with the #040 and #044 that were unique to Record. The #043 is one of those planes that everyone who tries it loves immediately.

Record #405

Like a Stanley #45, only better...

Stanley #46

Skewed irons making it super at cross grain work.

Lewin Six Fifteen