So now the recess for the blade needs to be marked. A marking knife along all the straight sides, apart from the sharp edge, quickly took care of that. The curved ends are already dealt with by the 3/8” forstner holes.
Then, with the metalwork removed, the lines marked along the sides of the blade are extended to the back edge of the blank and on across the back “face”. These mark the sides of the “ware” where the shavings pass between the blade and the body of the plane.
With a marking gauge the top and front edges of the ware are marked at the required distances.
Before the ware is cut, the front edge of the shave’s sole has to be bevelled to allow the shave to be tipped forward slightly to engage the cutting edge of the blade. According to the instructions I should have ended up with a 2° angle, but I think it turned out a bit more than that, despite my new-found love of doing exactly what I’m told.
Now the ware has to be cut, using a series of parallel saw cuts first. A dozuki was recommended, so that’s what I used, having first put tape along the previously marked front and back edges of the ware to give me a more obvious visual stop so I didn’t cut too far. Even so I was sufficiently out of practice with the Japanese saw to almost overshoot on one cut.
Next the waste was removed with a chisel. Holding the blank at the right angle in the vice was a major pain, and it periodically popped out. If I was doing another of these I think it might be worth trying keeping the blank over long and using the waste area thus created to screw it to an appropriately angled block in order to hold it more firmly. Might be fun to try it with the Woodrat too…
Lastly I cleaned it up with files and abrasives.
The next task was cutting a recess to take the blade. It has to be slightly deeper than the thickness of the blade so the blade can be fully retracted when not in use; 1/32” extra it says, so that’s what I did.
A ¼” paring chisel made short work of cutting the recess, although a #271 router might have been easier still.
And here it is, spot on.
Looking very serious now, and I’m tempted to have a go… But no brass sole yet, so I mustn’t.

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