Now this is a kit for a brass-soled, or plated shave, so a recess for the brass is the next to be cut. Firstly extending the lines from the sides of the ware over the angled front area of the sole...
...and then marking the front face 1/16” up from the sole.
Then the waste was removed with a #71 router and the V blade, taking care to apply pressure over the angled area of the sole to ensure the recess ended up at the same depth and angle all the way across.
Resulting in this. You can see where the sole’s been rubbed by the sole of the router plane.
The ends then have to be bevelled to make the recess into a very wide, very shallow, dovetail shape. I used an block cut at the specified 10° angle clamped to the blank to guide the chisel; the block is used again for making the corresponding angle on the brass strip.
Enough length of brass is provided to make two soles, ostensibly so you can re-sole the shave when the blade becomes worn and opens the mouth, but I definitely looked on it as a back-up… The piece needs to be at least 2 7/8” long, so I taped to that mark and cut slightly into the tape to allow a safety margin.
One edge then has to be bevelled at 45° to line up with the angle of the ware, so it was jig time again. The 45° edge to guide the file...
...and a rebate to hold the brass strip. The Record #043 isn't really ideal for rebating, but it's just so handy to use, specially on short pieces like this.
Some strong double-sided tape to hold the brass firm without a clamp in the way, and then some steady work with a file.
Then check two or three hundred times that everything’s going to end up angled the right way, and use the earlier 10° block to guide the file in filing the ends to match the recess in the shave. That went a lot easier than I expected, by following the instructions carefully and testing the fit frequently, so I didn’t need the back-up. Yay!
Final adjustment of the placement of the brass sole is made with the blade firmly in place and flush with the bottom of the shave. The space between the brass and the blade is supposed to be the thickness of a business card, so I adjusted it against one that should be guaranteed to provide the correct opening…
It was about this time that I started to worry about the step I had between the edge of the brass sole and the ware, and wondered if I was going to get a choking shave. I looked at the only commercially plated shave I have and it had a step too, so I decided to leave it and see, even though the only relevant drawing in the instructions seem to show no step. It turned out I was right to worry as it choked like crazy until I removed virtually all the step.

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