Above the bandsaw and SCMS is the resident orchestra, aka the radio, a mess of bandsaw blades and frame saws, sanding supplies, storage for the Maxi’s fence and so forth.
Currently the corner holds the saw horses, an ugly, but useful box to stand on, and you may just be able to see the edge of the Record drill stand, set up for mortising.
Above them are - surprise - more kitchen cupboards. More odd fittings, bolts etc, but mainly glue, paints and finishes. The hand powered mitre saw’s two main parts are distributed above and below.
Continuing, it’s worth a moment to pause and take in the full majesty of the North wall. The drill press stands proud and alone, flanked only by the sharpening station and another kitchen cupboard…
…containing drill bits, and all sorts of odd things I can’t seem to get the Old Man to shift somewhere else.
But enough of that.
Flanked by the second example of a glory hole on this tour, are two hand-cranked grinders residing on the sharpening station…
… with more power tools and such carefully preserved below.

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