Hanging in the corner we find the Poverty Stricken Person’s Festool Guide Rail System. I don’t know why because the cutting table they go with is now elsewhere.
Below them, still in Strapped For Cash Central, we find the Poor Person’s Planos, and some very rusty, and utterly awful to use, Record roller stands.
Continuing round on the west wall - that’s the wall marked as 23’ -0” on your floor plan - we find the next bank of kitchen cabinets, storage for twisty, drilly things, and, erm, one or two saws…
The Moore and Wright machinist’s chest, containing marking out gear.
In the left hand cupboard are more (that’s a surprise) more planes.
Above are shelves for the unused bits of the Maxi 26, and, erm, another plane…
In the right hand cupboard, screws, nails, fixings of all varieties. No planes.
Below that, a rather charming work by an unknown French artist.
Sandwiched between quantities of clamp head type bar clamps is the bandsaw - workhorse of the w’shop.
And connected to it, the dust extractor, which is more of the stubborn mule of the w’shop… The oil filled radiator is pretty self explanatory. The SCMS resides on the drawers that were formally beneath the workbench. I understand future plans for this historic building include making an improved station for this tool and donations for the fund to implement the work are currently non-existent. Please give generously on your way out.
Please be careful in pulling out the drawers to examine the contents; some of them are very heavy…

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