When you can get all three boards balanced with no visible gaps, the glue has every chance methinks.
I decided to do both tops as one board, which I thought I might have every chance of regretting, but it made the glue up easier. Here it is in my Poor Person's Plano clamps.
After an overnight stay in the clamps, I cleaned up the top/s by hand; taking off the worst with a fairly coarse set #5.5 at 45 degrees to the grain, and after the first pass along the grain switched to the Veritas jack. Unfortunately the Poor Person's Planos seem to be playing up a bit, so there was rather more flattening work to do than there should have been :~(
Checking the top isn't in wind. I've highlighted the white markers on the rear winding stick a little more so they'll show up better. In use you generally aim to get the top edges closer together, but it was hard to do with the camera! Anyway, not bad...
Don't let the presence of the jack fool you, this was after a few wafer thin passes with the Bevel-up smoother which gave an almost burnished result and cleaned up the small areas of tearout around the knots. Like an idiot I went into auto-pilot and gave a quick once over with some 340g to clean up, and belatedly realised the smoothed surface was slightly less smooth as a result. D'oh.
After sawing and plaing the legs to size, I juggled them about until I was happy with grain direction, figure, etc, then marked them up. Those squiggles may not look much to you, but they could be the margin between triumph and disaster to me...
The it was time to break out the Roy Sutton mortising jig I made a billion years ago and hardly ever use. I've always had a feeling batch work was its forte, so with 16 mortises to cut, here was the chance to test it. Rounded ends from the router bit of course, but you can't have everything. They were going to be 10mm wide, until I discovered the 10mm router bit I thought I had was actually 9mm. Oh well, no matter.
All 16 of them completed in 20 minutes. The fact the setting up of the jig and router took a further 40 is just 'cos I'm out of practice. Probably.
With the mortises done, I turned to the stretchers. I cut and planed up them to size I ran a side bead along the bottom, planed with my Lewin Universal - its first use in anger, and it acquitted itself very well. Makes a heap of diference keeping the skates and fence waxed though.
The finished bead. Only needed a light sanding and all done; combination planes are more maligned than they deserve.

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