Old Tool Haunts in London and Cornwall

London ones provided by galoots John Wadsworth and Danny Kaye, and updates from UK Workshop members and Mark on Woodnet, to whom many thanks. Apart from the Covent Garden one and information from Mark, all information is approximately 5 years old; if you have more up to date info, please do .

Jubilee Market, Covent Garden. Mondays. Last verified November 2005

Camden Walk Market, Wednesday mornings.

Old Woodworking Tools store at 41 Cross Street, Islington. (Apparently no longer there as of 2 1/2 years ago - definitely no longer there as of June 2006)

Richard Maude, a stall downstairs at No. 282 Portobello Road (Lipkaís Arcade). Saturday mornings. (No sign of it as of May 2006)

Dermot and Cynthia Roche, further down Portobello Road (according to John, ďlots of highly polished brass, Ultimatum braces, that sort of thing.Ē)

Portobello Market, verbatim report from Mark from his trip in May 2006:

First, the portobello road market actually has a web page: http://www.portobelloroad.co.uk/ . All three that are mentioned on that page I saw at the market. Here is a brief overview of each:

Traditional WW tools (67 Portobello Rd): mainly had user chisels, some moulding planes, other wooden planes (plow etc.), couple backsaws, couple bowsaws, and a large collection of folding rulers. Had some other stuff too, but I don't remember what. Prices struck me as kinda high, but I don't have much experience.

John King, Stall 43 at the Good Fairy Market (100 Portobello Rd): This is where I got my saw. Wider selection than the above guy. Had several planes (infills, Stanley #10, tiny planes), couple saws, few spokeshaves, several marking gauges, carving chisels, plane hammer, folding rules, and some other stuff that I'm forgetting. Prices seemed pretty good (not a steal, but not a ripoff either). My saw was 10 pounds
(A nice C Nurse backsaw, in case you were wondering!), and this is where I saw that Norris infill for 190 pounds (probably a smoother). He had other infills, but I didn't ask for the price. Real nice guy too. Been out of action for a few months due to a hip replacement, and happy to be selling again.

Bygones (~141 Portobello Rd): Meager collection. Mint disston D23, couple folding rules, and I think that was about it.

One other thing to note. The market supposedly starts at 5 or 6 am. The first guy on the list was setting up when I got there at 9am, so getting there at the crack of dawn might not be a great idea.

Greenwich Market. Again according to Mark "...had some stuff, but no real 'tools only' kind of people. Not much there. The Portobello road market had more stuff. " May 2006.

John reports sometimes there was a smallish dealer in the Faery Arcade, too, and Brick Lane ďI only got to once--it seemed like a possibility for real bottom feeders.Ē (No apparent sign of anything in Brick Lane as of August 2004)

Jeffrey & Collard, 788 London Rd Thornton Heath (heading south towards IKEA/ Croydon)

Cornwall sources provided by me - not much to report, but Iíll do my best:

Tool Chest, Redruth Indoor Market. Just a couple of glass cabinets really, but changing stock reasonably priced, and some interesting things too.

Cornish Tool and Brass Co. , Edgcumbe, Penryn. 01326 349359. I havenít seen this chap for about 3 years, but I donít like to contact him to see if heís still in existence Ďcos I donít want to buy anything! Good prices if heís still selling.

Pool Market, Sat, Sun and Bank Holiday Mondays. Nothing in the market itself, but thereís always a tool dealer opposite the main entrance. Push past the Blackspur and Am-tech junk into his cave and youíll generally find an interesting selection of bits and pieces; at reasonable-ish cost. Worth going on a Sunday morning as the Carn Brae Leisure Centre over the road has quite a lively car boot sale too.

Talking of Car Boot Sales:
Hayle RFC, Sunday mornings from 7am. Look for the tall Scotsman with the white van who generally sets up (late)on the far right of the field. He has a good eye, but -alas- knows exactly what stuff is worth...

Roseugeon RFC, Wednesday mornings from 11am. Itís big, but Iíve only been once and was underwhelmed. The narrow Helston-Penzance road that goes through the village guarrantees a queue for a start. Try it if youíre handy, but donít make a special trip.

G&L Promotions. Run a series of car boot sales. No guarrantee of whoíll be there or not, so probably not worth a dedicated trip.