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Just to try and give the impression that my project rate isn't slower than a Sloth crawling through Treacle, here are a few bits and pieces I've made over the years - and haven't inflicted work in progress pictures on people about them... Course, these are just the ones I have pictures of, and even then some of them are a bit wooly 'cos they were taken pre-digital camera and scanned in. Pre-digital; remember that..?

Small Table
A very early work, this one. Largely made with old Ikea bed slats. The poly varnish hasn't held up well to the slings and arrows, but the table itself has. Despite breaking numerous rules on gluing stuff cross grain...
Bathroom Cabinet
Chestnut carcass, sycamore door frame and purpleheart lattice panel and door knob. Another one of my making-a-little-wood-go-a-long-way projects.
And another one. In poplar; I had nothing but 2" square, 3ft lengths, so I had to be fairly creative.
From a plan in Good Woodworking magazine; I actually made it within days of the magazine's delivery and it's very useful indeed. The saw can be stored in the middle cupboard and a router table top slotted in instead.
Shaker Candlestand
Ash, oiled finish. Everyone and his Aunt Lillian seems to have made at least one, why should I buck the trend?
Foot stool...
...or small table. Another Christmas pressie; for a slightly "medieval" themed room. I took the opportunity to try the Miller Dowels I'd been given, but I'm afriad I was rather disappointed. Maybe because they were the largest size so very noticable? Anyway, I managed to use one of the cut outs from the legs to make the simple clock on top, for another Christmas present. Cunning eh?
Yep, that's a 5p piece there. It's in 1/12 scale, from an article by Ian Wilkie in Good Woodworking a while back. The drawer front is cock beaded and the edges of the top and plinth both moulded. Sorry about the dust; I need to go over it with a damp cotton bud or something.
Pop's box
I have an annual struggle to come up with something for my Old Man's birthday; here's the solution one year. Holly sides and, erm, possibly padauk top?
Candle holder
Made as a gift for Christmas 2004, in oak. I managed to get the edge really pretty thin, which I was quite chuffed about. More importantly, so was the recipient.
Single candlestick
Made from an old mahogany window sill. Single sticks I can do; it's pairs of anything I struggle with...
Veneer ayan and padauk squares with a beech surround. Made a few of these over the years; funny really, 'cos I can't play chess to save my life...
Veneered clock
Veneer was my introduction to woodworking, and veneered clocks were a lot easier to do than boxes. This is a pretty early one and I haven't a clue what the woods are.
Oh look, a clock
All veneered MDF, in a sort of thirties style. Can't recall the woods I'm afraid.
Another clock...
This one was for the wedding anniversary of some friends of my folks. Sycamore outer rim, mansonia and purpleheart veneer and probably boxwood stringing.
Rocking Horse Clock
It's a rocking horse, with a clock in it. The latter was about 25mm (1") in diameter, IIRC. The wood was probably sycamore.
Jules' Jewels Box
This pic was taken recently, years after I made it, and I can't recall a thing about it. Except the body is ash and the veneered lid is lacewood and something...
FWW Elegant Box
One of the few Fine Woodworking projects (#139 December 1999) that lots of folks have had a go at making; this was my second one. Maple with a Japanese paper lining and ebony pull.
Pair of Candlesticks
For Christmas 2004; oak bases and yew tops. When I say "pair", I speak very loosely...
Rocking horse
From a very popular old plan from The Woodworker magazine, all in ply. Sheesh, made it quite a while ago, now I come to think about it...
Pop's t'other box
Another birthday, another box. Based on the FWW "Elegant Box", but square. No idea of the main wood, although it's oily, but the knob is pittosporum from his garden.
Smoking man
If you take his body off the legs, there's a place to put an incense cone. Light it, replace the body and the smoke comes out of his mouth, just like he's smoking. You'd be amazed how enthralling it is. Honest.
Scroll sawn jigsaw puzzle
Roughly 4" x 3", photograph on thin birch ply. c.1999 before I knew enough not to try it... My, hasn't my tool kit grown since then. Yikes.
Turned oddments
Pittosporum gavel and oak block to mark my Mum's presidency of the local Women's Institute, sundial, and sycamore needle case.
Veneered box
Not one of my best by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad when you realise I was veneering balsa wood...
Weather Station
Barometer, themometer and hygrometer, all mounted in a piece of oak with a simple moulded border. Possibly the easiest present in the world, but not one you can repeat. Darn.
Writing board
Somehow ended up with a spare leather skiver, so went made surrounding it with all sorts of veneer. Sorry for the pic; old one on a non-digital and I had to splice two pics together.

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